Benjamin Obdyke Slicker HP 2SQ

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Benjamin Obdyke Slicker HP 2SQ

Benjamin Obdyke's Slicker HP (2SQ) features a pioneering detachable rainscreen and premium housewrap in a single application. The ability to detach the rainscreen from the housewrap without compromising water holdout simplifies installation and allows installers to use preferred flashing methods.

Slicker HP is the first all-in-one moisture management solution to feature a detachable rainscreen AND premium housewrap in a single application.

Slicker HP is recommended for use with wood and fiber cement. Combine HydroFlash with our other accessories, HydroCorner and Slicker Screen for fast installation and superior infiltration protection.

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Benjamin Obdyke Slicker HP 2SQ

Benjamin Obdyke Slicker HP 2SQ is rated Maximum Protection in Obdyke's ratings system. Providing the highest level of moisture protection and peace-of-mind, Slicker HP provides a generous gap for superior drainage and drying performance, eliminating potential for mold and rot in the exterior wall.

  • Provides max protection for the wall system, eliminating the deteriorating effects of mold and rot between siding and sheathing
  • Reduces the chances of premature peeling or blistering of finishes
  • Commercial-grade housewrap layer has superior tear strength, surfactant resistance and water holdout capabilities
  • Simplifies and reduces labor by installing rainscreen and housewrap in one easy-to-handle roll


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