Vesta Steel Siding Drip Cap HD3 Woodgrain 10'

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Vesta Steel Siding Drip Cap HD3 Woodgrain 10'

Quality Edge makes it easy to complete your Vesta Siding exterior project with the right details. This Vesta Drip Cap slips over window and door frames before siding installs to protect from moisture from above.

HD3 = high-definition, tri-color paint. It is Quality Edge’s patented application that captures light, medium, and dark woodgrain details, creating a multidimensional and naturally accurate look that's engineered to maintain its color for a lifetime.

Steel Thickness is exactly 016 = 0.016”


Vesta Steel Siding Drip Cap HD3 Woodgrain 10'

Quality Edge is one of America’s largest metal roofing and exterior building product manufacturers. With facilities across the country, They tout the ability to provide an unmatched selection of color, innovation, and high-quality products. QE notes their products are favored by builders, contractors, distributors, and homeowners throughout North America for residential and commercial projects. 


5" Plank Profile

Horizontal, vertical, porch ceilings.

Solid plank panels are 12 feet long.


This zinc layer provides both physical and cathodic protection, preventing moisture and corrosion from even having the opportunity to affect the steel core.


Kynar Paint System

Kynar 500 70 percent PVDF for woodgrain colors and Kynar 50 percent PVDF for solid colors. Kynar is a paint system that creates a thick film barrier providing excellent resistance against wear, fade, and chalking—keeping your siding beautiful for a lifetime.


0.020" steel plank panels

0.016" accessories

Lifetime Limited Warranty


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