Resisto 57106 Below-Grade Drainage Board 524 sqft

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Resisto 57106 Below-Grade Drainage Board 524 sqft

Resisto’s 57106 Below-Grade Drainage Board is a dimpled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) board. It offers 524sqft of coverage and keeps foundations and flooring dry. This product creates a waterproof vapor barrier and an air space, which allows concrete to breathe while controlling moisture. 


Recommended accessories available for installation include:

- Speed Clips: 65 clips are used per roll of drainage board. (spaced 12” (30cm) apart)

- Top Molding: The molding is 78” (2 m) long. 5 pieces per drainage board are typically used.

- Sealant: Minimum of 2 tubes per roll. Chemlink M1 (F1270) - recommended and available through our site

- Install video:

Resisto 57106 Below-Grade Drainage Board 524 sqft

  • Size= 8’x65.6’
  • Thickness= 0.86mm
  • Coverage= 524sqft
  • Thermal resistance= R0.63
  • ASTM E96= 0.452 perms (25.8 ng/Pa.s.m²)
  • Air Volume/dimple side= 4.0 l/m² (1 gal/vg²)
  • UV Stabilization= Minimum 2% carbon black content
  • Recycled plastic content= + 85%
  • Overall thickness= 6.11 mm (240 mils)
  • Compressive strength= 278 kPa (5 806 psf)
  • Material= High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Can be installed in any weather condition
  • No additional protection required
  • Can easily bridge ¼” cracks
  • Ideal for= Plywood, Concrete, PWF, Masonry blocks

Manufacturer recommendations:

  • Plan one roll for every 62ft (19m) of foundation (which allows for overlap of rolls).
  • The membrane should be overlapped horizontally by 6” (15 cm) for a deeper foundation wall.


  • At least two tubes are required per roll.  Chemlink M1 recommended
  • For concrete or wood foundations, use butyl rubber or asphalt-based roofing cement.
  • For insulated concrete forms (ICF), use foam panel adhesive.
  • Do not use silicone, latex, or polyurethane.

     (Fastening) - when fastening the drainage board:

  • For concrete use 1 ¼” (32 mm) concrete nails.
  • For insulated concrete forms (ICF) and treated wood foundations, use 1 ⅝” (41 mm) corrosion-resistant deck screws. Additionally, the caulking must be compatible with the foam insulation of the (ICF).
  • If you are installing drainage boards over spray polyurethane foam, use concrete nails long enough to penetrate at least 1" (2.5 cm) into the concrete.


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