Henry FPD9100 Ply Dry Woven House Wrap 9'x100'

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Henry FPD9100 Ply Dry Woven House Wrap 9'x100'

Fortifiber PlyDry Housewrap offers cost-effective, reliably resistant to weather exposure design, along with cross-woven polypropylene and UV-resistant coating. PlyDry is part of a complete Moisture Control System for walls engineered by the Fortifiber Building Systems Group, which has been chosen by builders and architects to protect over five million homes and commercial buildings from the problems caused by water intrusion and excessive moisture.

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Henry FPD9100 Ply Dry Woven House Wrap 9'x100'

PlyDry is specified by builders who need adurable housewrap that meets code requirements at a very affordable price. The cross-woven polypropylene fabric design gives PlyDry solid tensile strength – combined with a UV-resistant polyolefin coating that gives you up to 120 days of exposure time.The product is micro-perforated to provide the balance between breathability and bulk water holdout that’s required for most jobsite conditions. Integrated into the building envelope as part of a complete Moisture Control System, it helps eliminate moisture-related problems – including water-related structural failures,mold and mildew.

An independent, in-depth ICC-ES Examination Report of PlyDry and related Fortifiber products reveals the extensive nature of PlyDry's compliance with code requirements on every level. 

Cost Control Built In
Labor is one of the most significant costs in any building, and PlyDry helps reduce install time so you can get the house closed in fast. Because the product is semi-translucent, it’s easy to locate studs and get the product installed. It comes in a widerange of roll sizes to give builders the flexibility they need to manage waste.

Decades of Proven Performance
PlyDry is a product manufactured by the Fortifiber BuildingSystems Group. With more than a seventy-five year history of proven performance, technical expertise and practical know-how,the company has become a trusted partner to builders, architects and code officials.

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