DamBuster Roof Deicer 4lb Brick

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DamBuster Roof Deicer 4lb Brick

The unique, patented design of the Dambuster Deicer works magic to prevent refreezing. They are best applied to your roof just prior to freezing inclement weather. Simply place Dambuster Deicer products near or just above the drain on the roof. After a snow and during a melt, the Dambuster Deicer will slowly dissolve from the bottom, releasing small amounts of mild de-icing brine. This lowers the freezing point of melting water as it runs off the roof, keeping ice from accumulating around the roof edges, drain box or downspout. Plus the brine's low salt concentration reduces salt-related damage to drainage systems.

Dambuster Deicers have been designed for all flat or low to medium-sloped roofs. They will not corrode or damage your roof or roofing materials.

DamBuster Roof Deicer 4lb Brick

Dambuster Deicer products instantly add another income generating service to what you already provide for clients. By purchasing Dambuster Deicers and offering installation services to homeowners, you can easily add another profit stream to your business. Increase your revenue and in turn give clients an added measure of trust and loyalty to you.

The Dambuster Deicer product benefits:

  • Essential for winter roof maintenance
  • Earth-friendly products that help your business grow
  • Cost-effective prevention for your customers
  • Gain consistent service calls every winter
  • Use it as an add-on service to existing roof maintenance

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