ChemLink SOF ROD Bi-Cellular Backer Rod

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ChemLink SOF ROD Bi-Cellular Backer Rod

Chem Link SOF-Rod is a cylindrical, flexible foam rod for use as a sealant backing. SOF-Rod is composed of a bi-cellular material. SOF-Rod may also be used as a gasket or sealing material as per ASTM C 717. Round rods for use with non-sag and self leveling cold applied sealants.

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ChemLink SOF ROD Bi-Cellular Backer Rod

Tech Data Sheet SOF-Rod Backer Rod


COMPATIBLE: composed of bi-cellular polyolefin foam

COMPLIANT: meets 1990 Clean Air Act requirements

EASY: easy to apply

NO OUTGASSING: virtually dust free

Just prior to placing SOF-Rod, clean all joints per the sealant manufacturer's recommendations. Thoroughly remove any concrete form-release agents, curing compound residue, laitance, or any foreign materials. To ensure a good sealant bond, joints must be clean, dry, and free of contamination prior to sealant application. Air compressors used for this purpose must be equipped with traps for the removal of oil and moisture.  

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