ChamClad TP C38 Touch-Up Pen Charred Black

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ChamClad TP C38 Touch-Up Pen Charred Black

After an installation of ChamClad siding product, use the appropriately colored and high quality, specially formulated, ChamClad touch-up pens for small scratches and nicks at final inspection.

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ChamClad TP C38 Touch-Up Pen Charred Black

Touch Up Pens Application Instructions

PREPARATION: The areas to be touched up must be dry and free from dust, dirt and grease. Before each use, shake Pen for approximately 30 seconds. Rattle of mixing balls must clearly be heard.

DE-AERATION: Due to exterior influences (heat) an overpressure may develop. To prevent blotching, the pen must be de-aerated. Put pen with tip pointing downwards onto a solid, non- soaking surface and press down hold for 2 seconds, release and repeat procedure until tip is filled with touch- up (7-10 times may be necessary).

APPLICATION: Touch down pen tip at a flat angle (about 45 degrees) using light pressure. The valve opens and touch-up flows continuously. With the new designed tip, you can work precisely on hard-to- reach areas. Different stroke widths can be easily applied. Touch up rapidly with one stroke using light pressure. Important: Do not apply another coat of touch up until first coat has dried (approximately 3-5 minutes). If opacity decreases, shake pen again and de-aerate as described above. If touch-up flow decreases, simply pump again. Put cap on immediately after use cap has to snap with a click. Over time, tip may become blocked with pigment sediments. If this occurs, replace tip with a new one, shake Pen well and repump.

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