Velux EDL M08 Skylight Flashing Kit M02 M04 M06

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Velux EDL M08 Skylight Flashing Kit M02 M04 M06  

The Velux EDL M08 flashing is designed specifically to fit deck-mounted skylight models: M02, M04, M06, and M08.

This deck-mounted flashing system includes a pre-attached deck seal, adhesive underlayment, and engineered flashing. It attaches directly to your roof deck and interweaves with the roofing material to help provide proper water drainage and ensure your skylight won’t leak.

When paired with the VELUX No Leak Skylight (models: FS, VS, VSE, VSS) this flashing makes the skylight eligible for the VELUX 10-year installation warranty.

Color: Gray

Must be mounted on roofs with a minimum pitch of 14° and a maximum pitch of 85°

Compatible Roof Types: Shingles, Slate, Thin shakes

  • Designed for thin roofing materials less than 5/16 inches in thickness.
  • 22 step flashings included 
  • This flashing kit model cannot be installed on skylights from other manufacturers or other VELUX skylight models not noted above.
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