Sievert Hot Air Gun DW 3000

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Sievert Hot Air Gun DW 3000

Sievert's ultra-light, state of the art DW 3000 hot air gun professionally welds roofing materials and is incredibly easy to hold and use... but powerful enough for any job at hand. Check out our Builders Warehouse News Coverage of the DW 3000 Hot Air Gun.

Sievert Hot Air Gun DW 3000

Sievert says, with good reason, that the DW 3000 is the most advanced yet user-friendly product they've ever made.

Innovative, modern design places the DW 3000 in first place as THE hot-air welding tool. How? Incredibly light and pleasingly ergonomic, the DW 3000 sacrifices nothing in its power and precision.

The heart of the DW 3000's control comes from a brushless motor powered by Sievert's next-gen electronics, which also make it possible to precisely control the flow direction and heat of the tool.

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