James Hardie Touch Up Kit 1 Pint Deep Ocean (Navy Blue)

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James Hardie Touch Up Kit 1 Pint Deep Ocean (Navy Blue)

ColorPlus Touch-Up Kits should be used to ensure the long-lasting beauty of James Hardie ColorPlus products. Each kit is specially formulated to match ColorPlus Technology colors and offer better resistance to aging, color change and chalking when used on James Hardie products with ColorPlus Technology.

Edge Coater:
Edge coating is required for any cuts made in ColorPlus products. Edge coating seals the edges of the board and makes the joints and seams less visible. ColorPlus edge finishes shall be applied with the James Hardie Edge Coater. If any areas larger than a dime require touch-up, replace the area with a new piece of ColorPlus plank or panel.

Touch-up pen:
JH Touch-up pens are used for concealing nail heads and very small nicks and scrapes. Touch-up pens shall be used sparingly.

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James Hardie Touch Up Kit 1 Pint Deep Ocean (Navy Blue)

Using ColorPlus Touch-Up on ColorPlus products is important to maintain the color consistency and durability delivered through a ColorPlus exterior. 

Estimated one kit per 4000 sq ft of
siding or 1600 sq ft of trim. 

Kit includes:

  • Pint of Colorplus Touchup
  • Empty Edge Coater with 3 tips
  • Empty New Nail Concealer


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