GAF Timberline HDZ Lifetime Shingles 33.33 sq ft

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GAF Timberline HDZ Lifetime Shingles 33.33 sq ft

More homeowners and professional installers in North America rely on Timberline HD Shingles than any other brand. They offer just the right combination of beauty, performance, and reliability in a genuine wood-shake look and can help improve your home's resale value. When you install Timberline HD Shingles with Advanced Protection Shingle Technology, you're getting rugged, dependable performance. And you'll not only protect your most valuable asset you'll also beautify your home for years to come. We feature 12 different vibrant colors.

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GAF Timberline HDZ Lifetime Shingles 33.33 sq ft

Parts needed for a complete roofing system;

Ridge cap shingles - the finishing touch that helps defend against leaks at the hips and ridges.

Attic ventilation - helps to reduce attic moisture and heat.

Rooftop accessories - designed to enhance the performance of your roofing system (pipe boot flashing, vents, Versa caps, storm collars)

Shingles - protect your roof for years to come.

Starter strip shingles - help to guard against shingle blow-offs.

Roof deck protection - helps shield the roof deck from moisture infiltration.

Leak barrier - helps prevent leaks caused by wind-driven rain and ice dams.

DIMENSIONS (SP) 13 1/4" x 39 3/8"(336.55 mm x 1 m)
DURABILITY & TOUGHNESS  Advanced Protection Shingle with GAF Dura Grip Adhesive
EXPOSURE  5 5/8" (144 mm)
FIRE RATING  Highest Rating - Class A
MATERIAL  Fiberglass Asphalt Construction
WIND RATING  130 mph
SHINGLE STYLE  Wood-Shake Look
SHINGLE TYPE  Architectural Shingles

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