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Gaco Flex SF2036 Silicone Roof WalkPad 5 Gallon

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Gaco Flex SF2036 Silicone Roof WalkPad 5 Gallon

GacoFlex WalkPad is an exceptionally durable, silicone-based, solvent-free sealant that is combined with a reinforcing agent to provide exceptional durability and resistance to traffic and tears. When applied on top of GacoFlex coatings and other roofing materials, GacoFlex WalkPad provides a high-performance walkway for pedestrian maintenance traffic and its yellow color provides high visibility.

COMPLETE IT! To complete the walkway, apply GacoFlex WalkPad Granules, a custom
color blend of quartz granules designed for use over GacoFlex WalkPad. Simply
spread the granules on top of WalkPad while it is still wet, to provide traction and
resistance to wear under pedestrian maintenance traffic. (NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT - MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY.)

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Gaco Flex SF2036 Silicone Roof WalkPad 5 Gallon

INTEGRAL PART OF THE ROOF. Unlike conventional mats that must be laboriously adhered to the roof, GacoFlex WalkPad is a stay-put solution for creating a highly visible rooftop walkway.

HIGH VISIBILITY. The bright yellow color provides high visibility and an aesthetic rooftop walkway for pedestrian maintenance traffic.

EASILY APPLIED. GacoFlex Walkpad can be applied with a brush or trowel to make the process of creating a rooftop walkway surface fast and easy.

WalkPad should not be used on SBS or Coated SBS roofing membranes.

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