Cor-A-Vent S-400 Soffit Strip Vent

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Cor-A-Vent S-400 Soffit Strip Vent

S-400 Strip Vent -- The original, continuous soffit venting solution is still the best choice for venting overhangs and eaves - and once architects find out about it, they spec it on every job! With 10 sq. inches NFVA per foot, S-400 provides superior intake ventilation for any detail - from zero overhang to open rafter tails.

  • There really are as many ways to install S-400 Strip Vent as there are eave construction details
  • 1" x 1 1/2" x 4' cross-section gives you maximum soffit/eave ventilation in a minimum space
  • 10 sq. in. NFVA per lineal foot
  • S-400 fits narrow spaces where other vents can't, like zero overhangs
  • Self-cleaning - vertical flute orientation doesn't show the dirt
  • Crush resistant so you can install it with a power nail gun 
  • Can be installed in multiple layers for additional ventilation

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Cor-A-Vent S-400 Soffit Strip Vent

Key Benefits

  • S-400 1" x 1 1/2" x 4' cross section  
  • 10 square inches of NFVA per lineal foot
  • Made from heat resistant polypropylene
  • Power nailable
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