Bullet Tools Hone Stone for Magnum and Sharpshooter

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Bullet Tools Hone Stone for Magnum and Sharpshooter

The Hone Stone is a necessary accessory for all MAGNUM and EZ Shears to ensure a consistent high-quality, clean cut.  An excellent way to extend the life of any blade.

Bullet Tools Hone Stone for Magnum and Sharpshooter

Hone Stone – for a razor edge on your blade.  Run the Hone Stone along the flat side of the shear’s blade after each use. The shear will continue to perform with the same high-quality level as its first cut. With regular maintenance, a shear blade can outlast 20 saw blades.

  • Keeps edge sharp for clean cuts
  • Requires no fluid or oil prior to or during use
  • May be used on any steel blade
  • Use after each cutting job to ensure clean, accurate cuts

It is VERY IMPORTANT to hone your blade:
1. After the first 30 cuts on a new blade
2. Every 100 cuts on the job
3. When the blade has been re-sharpened

It is quick and easy to hone your blade. With the blade in the machine, press down the handle until the blade is just above the blade stop (approximately 1/8″). Then, lay the wide flat side of the hone stone against the flat side of the blade and move the hone stone from side to side 2 to 3 times to remove any burrs.

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