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Benjamin Obdyke HydroTape DS 3/4"x82'

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Benjamin Obdyke HydroTape DS 3/4"x82'

HydroTape DS is a 3/4” wide acrylic-based double-sided seam tape that helps trapped moisture escape in exterior wall assemblies. This product combats the risk of impeded drainage caused by reverse overlaps, which are often a result of traditional seam tapes. While many conventional seam tapes are vapor impermeable, which can cause the drying path to go inward toward the sheathing, HydroTape DS is vapor-permeable, allowing any trapped moisture to dry toward the exterior of the wall assembly.

Implementing a vapor-permeable, double-sided tape with mechanically-fastened housewraps will eliminate unnecessary moisture in the home.

Benjamin Obdyke HydroTape DS 3/4"x82'

Features of HydroTape DS:

  • This 3/4” width tape comes in rolls of 82 feet
  • The adhesive seals around fasteners to reduce air infiltration at penetration points
  • Can be used at the top of the wall assembly as an alternative to applying caulk

Seam tape on the surface of a mechanically-fastened house wrap, or pre-weatherized sheathing material can often do more harm than good. Using double-sided seam tape can ensure your build stays protected.

Contact us to learn more about how to use HydroTape DS with your next project.

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