BAK 5230352C Roofon R Edge 230V 40mm

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BAK 5230352C Roofon R Edge 230V 40mm

BAK is a Robot Roofing Welder company begun by former leader and co-founder of Leister. The BAK RoofOn R Edge 230V 40mm has the same swiveling feature as the original popular Roofon but also is able to weld tight circles because the air gun is positioned on the pivot side of the chassis. This enables it to weld boots as well as curved seams in tighter areas. Perfect seam quality of 40 mm is created by this light weight, durable machine. (The chassis limits it to around 6" from the edge; for ultra-close edge work see the BAK 6600284C Roofon Multi 230V 40mm in "Related Products" below.) See our News article on this and other BAK welder robots.

BAK 5230352C Roofon R Edge 230V 40mm

This compact, incredibly powerful roofing robot by BAK is the new standard! Perfect seam quality of 40 mm is created by this light weight, durable machine.  We at Builders Warehouse like this machine so much we made a video!

  • for the welding of thermoplastic roofing membranes
  • Stepless adjustment of speed, air flow and temperature with potentiometer
  • Automatic drive start system
  • wrinkle-free welding
  • seam width 40 mm
  • digital control and read out of temperature and speed (RoofOn Digital)
  • Our smallest automatic hot-air welding machine for welding of all thermoplastic roof material.
  • Tried and tested, robust technology
  • Easy to install center wheel conversion kit for outer perimeter and parapet wall top welding
  • Great for parapets, flashing, and seam overlap
  • High welding speed
  • Lightweight, powerful, environmentally friendly
  • Great for reducing time consuming hand welding on top of parapet walls and outer roof perimeter welding to TPO/PVC coated drip edge.
  • Great on projects 20-70 square in size
  • Welds up to and including 60 mil membrane thickness

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