AFCO Touch Up Spray Paint 4.5 oz

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AFCO Touch Up Spray Paint 4.5 oz

Scratched and blemished are never wanted but can occur during installation or from daily wear-and-tear. Touching up textured finishes can be difficult, but we got you covered with AFCO's touch-up spray paint for AFCO's aluminum railing products. Keep your AFCO Pro railing looking as fresh as the day you unboxed it with AFCO Touch-Up Paint. Whether it's a nick or scratch during installation, recovery from a big storm, or a blemish from years gone by; be prepared with AFCO Touch-Up Paint.

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AFCO Touch Up Spray Paint 4.5 oz

 * Touch up spray paint for use with AFCO aluminum railing products.
 * Grit material is added to the paint to achieve a similar textured finish.
 * Give your AFCO aluminum railing products the finishing touch it needs.

 Colors: white, black, and bronze

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