Albion 1051-1 Rover Backer Rod Installer

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Albion 1051-1 Rover Backer Rod Installer

The Albion Rover 1051-1 Backer Rod Installer dramatically reduces the time required to install backer rod in horizontal joints. 

  • Quickly sets polyethylene foam backer rod in horizontal saw cut and expansion joints directly from a spool.
  • Fast one-man, walk-behind operation. Saves time and money.
  • Sturdy all-steel construction.  Packaged in a durable, weather-resistant wheeled storage/travel case.

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Albion 1051-1 Rover Backer Rod Installer

NEW Improvements:

  • All connections are now designed with linchpins, for quick set-up. No more threading.
  • Now includes second backer rod guide for 5/8 inch to 1-inch rod. (1059-G10)
  • Standard backer rod guide handles up to 1/2 inch rod.
  • New Holder for the 640-Series Backer Rod insertion tools.
  • New 1074-1 Extension Kit available, holds spools up to 31 inches wide. 
  • Standard rod holds 17" wide spools.
  • Insertion depth is adjustable from 0" - 3/4".
  • For joints from 1/8" to 1/2" wide (1/8" - 5/8" rod).
  • Unit ships with 1/8" (0.070") and 3/8" (0.375") wide insertion wheels. 1/4" (0.20") and 1/2" (0.45") are also available, with and without bearings/hubs.

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