Bullet Tools CenterFire Insulation Blade 3-Pack 3"

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Bullet Tools CenterFire Insulation Blade 3-Pack 3"

The CenterFire Insulation Blade (3 blade pack - handle not included) quickly cuts through foam and fiber insulation products like batt insulation, Denim/Bonded Logic, and fiberglass. Blade fits into standard utility knife handles and most reciprocating saws. The non-serrated edge eliminates dust and debris – best tool available for cutting plasma rope. Crafted from high-quality tooling steel, these re-sharpenable carbon steel blades outlast most other blades.

Bullet Tools CenterFire Insulation Blade 3-Pack 3"

Slightly flexible blade can be dragged quickly through thick insulation – no need to waste time sawing – and easily around window frames.

Note: We recommend purchasing the shortest blade that can cut all the way through your product to avoid wandering. The 3 inch blade is ideal for standard 2 inch foam board insulation. For thicker products see Bullet Tools' 7 inch Straight Blade (in "related products" below).

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