Benjamin Obdyke HydroFlash UV 4"x75'

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Benjamin Obdyke HydroFlash UV 4"x75'

HydroFlash UVis an aggressive self-adhered flashing accessory for HydroGap Drainable Housewrap and FlatWrap UV. The latest technology in flashing adhesion, it can be applied to damp surfaces installed down to zero degrees Fahrenheit. For open joint cladding applications HydroFlash UV is perfectly suited.

New formulation shipping in January 2019

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Benjamin Obdyke HydroFlash UV 4"x75'

  • Specially formulated bloc co-polymer adhesive that outperforms butyl and rubberized asphalt flashings.
  • Can be installed down to zero degrees fahrenheit (store above 40 degrees fahrenheit).
  • Can be installed to damp surfaces.
  • No VOCs, HFCCs, CFCs
  • Fungicide additive restricts mold growth.
  • AAMA 711 approved, meets criteria of AC 148
  • Seals around fasteners.
  • Split-release liner
  • Protects window opening from moisture intrusion.
  • Maximum adhesion to HydroGap® Drainable Housewrap and FlatWrap® UV.
  • Installs easily in cold and/or damp environments
  • No primer needed.

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  • Roll width: Available in 4 in, 6 in , 9 in and 12 in
  • Roll length: 75 ft
  • Warranty: 10 (product) or {10,15,25} (system) year limited

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