Benjamin Obdyke HydroFlash 2.5"x75'

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Benjamin Obdyke Hydroflash Sealing Tape is the go-to solution for tape needs including housewraps.

Benjamin Obdyke Hydroflash Sealing Tape is:

  • Ideal for taping housewrap seams and penetrations for air sealing performance
  • Not intended to be used as window flashing
  • Specially formulated bloc co-polymer adhesive that outperforms butyl and rubberized asphalt
  • Maximum adhesion to HydroGap & FlatWrap housewraps
  • Fungicide additive restricts mold growth
  • AAMA 711 approved, meets criteria of AC 148
  • No VOCs, HFCCs, CFCs
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces and installed down to 0°F

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Thickness: 14.5 mils

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