Builders Warehouse Roofon R Edge 230V 40mm Roof Seam Welder Robot (BAK 5230352C)

The BAK Roofon R Edge runs circles around the competition… literally.

Move over, Leister! Builders Warehouse features the BAK Roofon R Edge Seam Welder Robot, with a revolutionary ability to seam straight seams or circle seams effortlessly. Working around pipes and drains, formerly a lengthy manual hands and knees operation, now gets done literally in seconds via Roofon R Edge. To learn more or get one, see our Roofon R Edge 230V Roof Seam Welder Robot.

The Destroyer Sun: UV Rays Don’t Just Discolor Roofing and Siding, They Disintegrate It. Why? And What Can Be Done?

The same rays that burn skin and cause cancer in humans also attack various building materials.

It is Vitally Needful to Use Builders Warehouse UV-Rated Materials on Roofs and Buildings

Short version: Builders Warehouse offers various products designed to protect from one of the biggest threats to roofing and other building materials: UV radiation.

What are UV Rays?

Ultra-violet (UV) rays are only ten percent of all the sun’s light, and only one third of that penetrates through our atmosphere. Even that amount powerfully effects both living plants and creatures and non-living materials. In humans, UV radiation’s tanning effect used to be highly sought after and was even mimicked in tanning salons. Later, skin cancer was directly connected to UV exposure, too late for some who’d exposed themselves to tanning beds and lamps.

This same, or at least a quite similar, process occurs in natural and man-made building materials. And science tells us the reason. UV rays affect solid objects on an atomic level by “snapping off” electrons. The result? Chemical structures tend to break down, or form new chemicals less beneficial to the affected structures.

What are some signs UV damage is happening to a material used in roofing or building?

  • Chalking: Noticeable after time, for instance, on some aluminum siding, polymer siding, plastic window frames, a chalky film indicates UV rays are at work.
  • Yellowing / discoloring: Color alterations in a material, as in fading or “yellowing,” also point to UV ray involvement. While color loss itself is a potentially serious issue, it is also a marker regarding more serious structural problems caused by UV rays.
  • Stiffening: A material’s flexibility, and usually durability, is compromised by UV ray involved stiffening. This often means the material becomes brittle. It may pull away from surrounding materials.
  • Overall loss of mechanical integrity: In the end, materials vulnerable to UV rays may be unable to perform their function any longer. A window frame may crack, or cause the glass within it to crack or even fall out. A non-UV rated caulk/sealant may fail, allowing moisture to penetrate into the roof or wall structure with far-reaching consequences.

How can I guard against UV rays damaging my work?

We at Builders Warehouse work hard to provide products from companies with a high awareness of UV ray related issues.

Gaco Roof 100% Silicone

Our Gaco Roofing 100% Silicone Coating is impervious to UV damage, unlike many other products used to repair or touch up roofs. Available in white, grey, and various colors.

GAF EverGuard TPO Roofing Membrane offers a roll-out material highly impervious to UV rays.

We carry an extensive selection of UV resistant caulks, including NPC’s Solar Seal 10 oz standard and Solar Seal 19 oz professional sized tubes.

NPC, other Caulks and Sealants

On sale for a limited time, NPC 700 Co Poly caulk/sealant has added UV protection and, as with the other NPC caulks, comes in various colors. (We’ve written about caulks / sealants elsewhere in our “Best Caulk? Differences Between Water-based, Solvent-based, and Moisture-cure Sealants Are Key; So Are Local Regulations.”)

Various Builders Warehouse house wraps offer some UV protection, including Benjamin Obdyke HydroGap Drainable Housewrap with a 120-day UV exposure rating.

Our extensive selection of metal vents, panels, and gutters offers a very direct answer to the problem of UV rays. See our main page’s extensive links for these metal products, as well as many others not mentioned here.



StarWrap Econowrap Underlayment: Where Roofs Begin

Product: StarWrap Econowrap Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

The short version: StarWrap Econowrap is an ultra-light, inexpensive, and strong underlayment for roofing jobs. We at Builders Warehouse offer it for a remarkably low price.

The casual observer may never guess that beneath the roof he or she is looking at is often a thin sheet of material called “underlayment.” But in a real sense, underlayment functions as the foundation of a roof, the beginning of everything else that ends up “overlaid” on top of it. This thin layer, traditionally made of felt but in more recent years consisting of various synthetics, is a last line of defense against water penetration into the otherwise vulnerable deck of the roof. 

Felt Underlayment (usually 15# saturated to some degree with asphalt) is often called “tar paper,” and compared to synthetic underlayment materials is usually both heavier and more fragile.

More plus points! StarWrap Econowrap has a slip-resistant surface during install. And while felt must be covered quickly to prevent it from wrinkling, StarWrap doesn’t need to be covered for up to 90 days (it has a UV exposure guarantee for that long!). And one roll of StarWrap has the coverage of 2 1/2 rolls of 15# felt and 5 rolls of 30#.

Synthetic Underlayment is lighter and more durable but often much more expensive. And this is where Builders Warehouse, with StarWrap’s Econowrap Underlayment, offers a great solution.

Place StarWrap Econowrap into your cart! 

GacoRoof 100% Silicone Roof Coating’s All-Purpose Sealing & Repair Powers Make It A Builders Warehouse Best-Seller

To purchase: White 5 Gal / Grey 5 Gal / White 1 Gal / Grey 1 Gal
Gaco has recently raised the cost of this product.
We’ve made a large volume purchase, so order now before Gaco’s price increase!

You’ve Gaco be kidding me! No, seriously… there’s a reason Builders Warehouse moves such quantities of this great roofing sealant. When it comes to creating a seamless membrane to seal, repair, and permanently protect against leaks and the damaging effects of severe weather, Gaco Roof Sealant’s popularity among professionals and DYIs is massively established.

Gaco Roof, part of the Gaco Flex line, is 100% silicone based. What that means for Builders Warehouse customers? Simple. This stuff is all but indestructible, outperforming and outlasting acrylic, urethane, asphalt and Hypalon coatings. And it requires no primer, as Gaco Roof adheres to almost any surface. A short list of ’em includes built up roofs, cap sheet, metal, modified bitumen and sprayed polyurethane foam.

Part of Gaco Roof’s durability shows in its flexibility, which does not degrade. Others do become brittle over time, but not Gaco Roof.

Flat roofs and slightly sloped roofs create sometimes major issues with ponding water, often highly destructive and life-shortening to structure integrity. Gaco Roof 100% Silicone Roof Coating ignores water; no softening, bubbling, or degrading here!

Turn up the temperature and expose it to harsh UV rays or take Gaco Roof and bury it under a wall of snow. Your roof’s integrity will be safe as Gaco Roof is wholly unaffected by such treatment.

Trying to avoid a costly tear-off? Treat your weathered roof with Gaco Roof Sealant to repair, provide protection, and ultimately extend the roof’s life without massive expenditure / time lost.

How serious is Gaco about Gaco Roof’s superior quality? This product carries a FIFTY YEAR limited manufacturer’s material warranty.

Purchase your supply of Gaco Roof 100% Silicone Roof Coating now through one of the following links via Builders Warehouse: Along with our standard 5 gallon white bucket (also available in grey) we also offer Gaco Roof in 1 gallon cans (white or grey). Our price is rock bottom and the supply has just been replenished. Click your preferred link to order.