GacoRoof 100% Silicone Roof Coating’s All-Purpose Sealing & Repair Powers Make It A Builders Warehouse Best-Seller

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You’ve Gaco be kidding me! No, seriously… there’s a reason Builders Warehouse moves such quantities of this great roofing sealant. When it comes to creating a seamless membrane to seal, repair, and permanently protect against leaks and the damaging effects of severe weather, Gaco Roof Sealant’s popularity among professionals and DYIs is massively established.

Gaco Roof, part of the Gaco Flex line, is 100% silicone based. What that means for Builders Warehouse customers? Simple. This stuff is all but indestructible, outperforming and outlasting acrylic, urethane, asphalt and Hypalon coatings. And it requires no primer, as Gaco Roof adheres to almost any surface. A short list of ’em includes built up roofs, cap sheet, metal, modified bitumen and sprayed polyurethane foam.

Part of Gaco Roof’s durability shows in its flexibility, which does not degrade. Others do become brittle over time, but not Gaco Roof.

Flat roofs and slightly sloped roofs create sometimes major issues with ponding water, often highly destructive and life-shortening to structure integrity. Gaco Roof 100% Silicone Roof Coating ignores water; no softening, bubbling, or degrading here!

Turn up the temperature and expose it to harsh UV rays or take Gaco Roof and bury it under a wall of snow. Your roof’s integrity will be safe as Gaco Roof is wholly unaffected by such treatment.

Trying to avoid a costly tear-off? Treat your weathered roof with Gaco Roof Sealant to repair, provide protection, and ultimately extend the roof’s life without massive expenditure / time lost.

How serious is Gaco about Gaco Roof’s superior quality? This product carries a FIFTY YEAR limited manufacturer’s material warranty.

Purchase your supply of Gaco Roof 100% Silicone Roof Coating now through one of the following links via Builders Warehouse: Along with our standard 5 gallon white bucket (also available in grey) we also offer Gaco Roof in 1 gallon cans (white or grey). Our price is rock bottom and the supply has just been replenished. Click your preferred link to order.

Sievert TW 5000 Robot Is A Hot Air Welding Professional Roofer’s Dream

Incredible Speed and Results from this Veteran Swedish Company’s Premier Product

Imagine a roofing job with a few thousand feet of space, various angles and slopes, and only a small team to tackle it all. Bring on a welding robot and you’ve introduced a game-changer. Bring on the Sievert TW 5000 welding robot and you’ve found a superstar.

While hand-held hot air welders (such as the Sievert DW 3000 which I’ve blogged about here) will always be part of any roofer’s toolbox due to welding needed in corners, edges, vents, or windows, welding robots have become a must-have for big-job professionals. Used to fuse together overlapping sheets of material (membrane), the Sievert TW 5000 handles all kinds of roofing membranes including thermoplastic, rubber, and modified bitumens.

The TW 5000 also minimizes recurring issues facing membrane roofers.

For instance, the usual hand-held hot air welder requires also having a hand-held roller used to fully mesh the two sheets’ weld. If this is not done correctly, wrinkling and resultant leakage or even tearing may result. And it can be laborious!

In contrast, the TW 5000’s unique four-wheel drive system creates a wrinkle-free result, even at various angles. The powerful motor and crafted drive system allow climbing roof angles of up to 30 degrees. Need it be said that the operator’s back and knees will suffer far less wear and tear guiding the TW 5000 down a roof seam than he or she would suffer using a hand-held welder?

In cases where additional downward pressure is desired, additional removable weights are available. The robot’s electronics have been sealed with a high degree coating for maximum humidity protection. The sturdy steel adjustable handle makes both welding itself or moving the machine between welds a breeze.

Order the Sievert TW 5000 Hot Air Welder Digital Control Robot from Builders Warehouse and see your productivity soar.

We at Builders Warehouse also carry the companion welder for hand-held corner, vent, pipe, or edge work: the DW-3000.

Sievert DW 3000 Makes Hot Air Welding a Breeze

Sievert’s DW 3000 Hot Air Gun Welds Safety, Power, Ease of Use Together

Holding the Sievert DW 3000 with its unique digital temperature readout in one hand, one would never guess such a light-weight tool could generate so much heat, easily bonding almost any weldable roofing material.

It’s absurd how sophisticated the electronics of this Swedish company’s tool are, yet how none of it gets in the way of simply getting the job done. The DW 3000’s brushless motor, for instance, means more power due to less friction from the copper wire brushes, more room for the motor itself, and less risk of unpredictable voltage drops associated with externalized brushes’ drag. The outer-inner barrelled nozzle provides air-cooling flow (outer) over and around the laser-like heat channel (inner) generating maximum weld results. The easily (within seconds) detachable air filter means ultra quick clean-up in high-dust situations.

Control the Sievert DW 3000’s CPU-memory electronics via the effortlessly managed buttons on the unit’s comfort-gripped handle. Read-outs display on a bright-lit window designed to be non-reflective even in high-sunlight situations.

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Looking for big-roof welding robot solutions? Builders Warehouse also carries the Sievert TW 5000 Hot Air Welder Digital Control Robot, and I’ve blogged about it here.

20mm and 40mm nozzle tips available from Builders Warehouse

Plenty of room inside the case exists for extra nozzles (also available from Builders Warehouse); one nozzle comes at no extra charge with the DW 3000.

Builders Warehouse is ready to ship the DW 3000 today.

Sievert provides a sturdy case that, as with the DW-3000, keeps weight and size to a minimum without sacrificing protection or quality. A simple push-button center latch allows for opening and closing the case without having to close all three latches, especially handy when one is just walking across the roof with it yet planning on using it again quickly. The gun is centered diagonally in the case to further shrink the space the case and all parts within take up.

If precision, power, and portability coupled with ease of use matter to you. the Sievert DW-3000 may be the hot air welding solution you’re looking for.

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